Peonies and Paper Lanterns

In China, the peony is rich with symbolism. It is considered the “king of flowers” as well as “the flower of riches and honor.” They bloom in the springtime making them perfect for a May or June wedding and although it is possible to have them for summer weddings, they are more expensive and difficult to acquire. Known for their large,  opulent blossoms, peony plants produce flowers of white, pink, rose, and crimson.

Perhaps it is because of its place in Asian art, but peonies make me think of exotic romance, the warm glow of lamplight, and resplendent late spring evenings.  I imagine an outdoor, garden wedding with a glorious, pink and green color palette accented with piles of lush peonies and tons of handmade paper lanterns hanging from a mood-lit tent.

A bit dreamy, no?Peony Wedding

Gown- Claire Pettibone; Flower arrangement – Design Sponge; Paper Peony – Etsy; Paper Lantern Tutorial – Green Wedding Shoes; Peony Cake – Two Stews; Peony Photo – Mrs. Amber Apple