Gothic Wedding Inspiration

I rather like the idea of a gothic wedding. Black lace, enigmatic masks, and dark make-up all affect a kind of dark and mystical elegance.

The term gothic was originally used to describe a dual-branched East Germanic tribe that was split into two properly intimidating groups, the Visigoths and the Ostrogoths.  Being instrumental in downfall of the Roman Empire, the Goths thus played an influential role in the emergence of Mediaeval Europe.   It follows that the word is also a descriptor for the typological art and architecture that first surfaced in France during the early twelfth century most ostensibly represented by the Abbey Church of Saint Denis.

The subculture termed Gothic, however, emerged from varient influences combining Victorian, Elizabethan and Punk Rock. An amalgam of darkness, horror, and Edwardian splendor, the fashion of this counterculture favored fine velvet, intricate lace, and seductive corsets. Pale skin stands in stark contrast to raven black hair and smoky, heavily lined-eyes.  It is extravagant, mysterious, and beautiful.

I’ve designed this inspiration board with the dark beauty of the Gothic aesthetic in mind.

Gothic wedding

Gothic Mask Photo: Sofia Sanchez and Mauro Mongiello; Gloves – Zen and Coffee; Headless Man Print – Curious Portraits; Hair Piece – Two Back Flats